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Sunday, August 1, 2021

Latest Pixel 6 News, Google CEO talks Pixel 6 & Android 12, Samsung S Pen Pro, Official Galaxy Z Fold Official & More!

what's up guys we're back with the latest exciting tech news things are about to get real as google has revealed some key information in the recent interview

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra AMD Exynos will be optimized thanks to One UI 4, New Changes & Features

what's up guys we're back with the latest news quite a lot to talk about today including Samsung's current official mention of the galaxy note series

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra review almost 200 days later. 6 Months with Samsung's best phone

it's time to bring it on what's up guys we're back with the latest news Samsung is about to bring a much needed massive upgrade on the upcoming galaxy s32

Samsung bringing back one of its best 2021 phones with big FAST upgrade, Galaxy S22, S21

what's up guys and it's time to welcome back the new galaxy smartphones actually not just one but two new galaxy phone for the second half of this year

Samsung Galaxy Z fold & Z Flip 3 Official IPX8 Water resisitant

this has never been done before what's up guys so Samsung is out here making history bringing some world's first exclusive features to its galaxy z smartphone

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