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Saturday, November 30, 2019

Apple app store changed map of Russia technology

Five years after the occupation of Crimea, Russia could not persuade the United States or the European Union to accept it. But, the Russian parliament is rejoicing that at least Apple Company
has surrendered to it.

Inside Russia, Apple's apps are showing Crimea as part of the Russian Federation and it is displaying an international border between Ukraine.

This means that Apple has joined Google and several other major technology companies to satisfy Russia's territorial claims. Crimea will continue to be part of Ukraine in these apps outside Russia.

Unlike hidden maps, in the online world it is possible to show different borders at the same time to different political theorists and those who follow different government policies.

Russia's lower-state Duma Security and Anti-Corruption Committee chairman Vastly Pskarov said Wednesday that disagreements with Apple had been resolved and everything was going as he wanted.

Talking to the news agency, Inter fax, he said that Apple apps would be monitored so that they did not change their maps.

Ukraine has protested Apple's decision. Its Foreign Minister Widem Pristiko tweeted that Apple should focus on technology and entertainment and stay away from politics, because global politics is not its sector.

The Ukrainian embassy in Washington has also protested Apple's move, saying it will not thank Apple's company for the Thanksgiving festival.

According to the New York Times, Apple did not respond to a request for comment on the map change. Apple chief executive Tim Cook said two years ago that his company would follow the rules in the countries where it does business.

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