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Friday, February 28, 2020

Samsung announces to build more RAM for computers than smartphones

Samsung, the world renowned technology company, has introduced new smartphones with powerful RAM capable of storing statistics even greater than computers.

The Samsung corporation has introduced that they have got started mass production of 16gb LPDDR5 DRAM chip for smartphones, so that you can make the statistics protection competencies of the cellphone even more powerful than the computer.

It must be noted that many computers start at eight GB RAM, but sixteen GB chip inside the smartphone will imply two times as a whole lot RAM than the computer.
Not handiest will the memory chip have the potential to transfer records not most effective three times greater than before, but it'll also facilitate saving as much as 20% charging, this means that that the chip will leave behind a 16gb memory card as well.
According to the organization, Samsung's Galaxy S20 Ultra has 16GB reminiscence card facility, but 16GB RAM chip will make storage memory greater powerful after being installed within the phone.

According to the company, the RAM feature will be added to smartphones inside the destiny by means of making more chips.

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