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Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Corona Virus Twitter management issues important instructions to its employees

Twitter informed its weblog put up that all employees in Hong Kong, Japan and South Korea have been instructed no longer to come back to work and work at home.

The blog put up says the move was taken after banning unnecessary business journeys and activities for personnel.
The Twitter corporation has additionally previously canceled a media conference in Texas due to the virus.
In this regard, Jennifer Christie, head of Twitter HR, stated: "Our goal is to save you Cod-19 from spreading to us and to the world.
Twitter stated the employer is creating approaches for personnel to work from home, which is a massive change.
In addition to Twitter, other technology corporations have additionally canceled or canceled conferences in the US, inclusive of Facebook and Google, due to the Corona virus.
On the alternative hand, personnel of Google's European headquarters in Dublin have also been instructed to work from home.
It must be referred to that the outbreak of the dangerous corona virus from China has unfold to greater than 60 countries within the world, with the dying toll exceeding 3000.

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