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Sunday, August 1, 2021

Latest Pixel 6 News, Google CEO talks Pixel 6 & Android 12, Samsung S Pen Pro, Official Galaxy Z Fold Official & More!

what's up guys we're back with the latest exciting tech news things are about to get real as google has revealed some key information in the recent interview we'll also be taking a look at the upcoming s-pen pro that is finally making its debut plus huawei p50 pro series which is now official what's really special about the new series we'll talk about everything let's get right into it alright so pixel 6 family i don't think i need to say it again and again but guys this is the phone that i'm most hyped about when it comes to smartphones in 2021 it's been so long since i had a google phone as my main device so things are actually about to get real because google has confirmed some key information regarding their upcoming flagship phones according to the ceo of google in an interview he has revealed that google has done some deep technology investments for the upcoming pixel series by deep technology investments he means the custom google silicon that is about to debut on the upcoming pixel 6 lineup finally we have a smartphone brand other than apple that not only owns the software but also owns the cpu the ceo further said that the pixel 6 family will be centered around the brand new android 12 with the improved performance and privacy now i wish he gave more hints regarding the upcoming pixel 6 family but pretty much what he said confirms the big hardware upgrade that is coming on the upcoming lineup now if you're looking for a flagship phone right now i'd say wait a bit hold on to your money because the second half of 2021 is about to get intense also in the news we have the complete specs league for the s pen pro it's definitely samsung's most advanced s-pen it can be used with the z-fold 3 along with other supported devices including the galaxy note series the s21 ultra and even some older phones like the galaxy note 10 series it charges by a usbc which is nice it can also attach magnetically with a few cases on the back of the phone as for the pricing it could cost around 70 pounds in the uk now since samsung is bringing the s-pen capability to a lot more samsung devices investing in the s-pen pro is a good long-term move also we got some more press renders of the z-fold 3 in this silver color i gotta say it looks really premium now lastly huawei p50 family is official i gotta say uh massive respect to huawei because they've lost their position when it comes to the smartphone sales still they're not giving up the p50 family is coming globally we've got a brand new design that looks very interesting very different from the competition from the front they look very similar to samsung flagship phones with the punch hole camera in the middle plus higher refresh rate oled displays we've got a main 50 megapixel lens which focuses on bringing real life colors and of course detailed photos as for the zoom there's sadly no continuous zoom or 20x optical zoom setup of things that were rumored before but it's still exciting we have a brand new 64 megapixel telephoto lens coming at f 3.5 aperture it actually extends up to 200 times and it uses the new huawei optics and the xd fusion to bring the faraway objects closer than they are and it actually looks really good still looks pretty exciting i wish it had google services again it's going to be coming with huawei's own hms services and of course hard mini os these devices are coming officially worldwide but no 5g because of the ban so you'll get a special 4g modem combined with the snapdragon triple a chip as of now we don't know when the global rollout of these devices will happen but it's going to happen sometime this year and yeah this is what huawei has done with their brand new flagship phones still in the game despite everything that has happened so that's all the latest news let me know your thoughts in the comment section below if you guys are new here be sure to subscribe and i'll see you guys later peace out

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