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Sunday, August 1, 2021

Samsung bringing back one of its best 2021 phones with big FAST upgrade, Galaxy S22, S21

what's up guys and it's time to welcome back the new galaxy smartphones actually not just one but two new galaxy phone for the second half of this year these two phones have the potential to be the best samsung phone of this year especially for those looking for the most bang for buck so as of now samsung's best non-flagship phone of 2021 has to be the galaxy a52 the biggest thing where samsung could have done better is in the chipset area and well it's time for a massive upgrade apparently samsung is working on a brand new galaxy a52s model the letter s means that it's a speed upgrade and it's going to be the first samsung phone to use the brand new newly announced snapdragon 778g chip we actually have the late geekbench 5 scores of the a52s rocking this chip and you can see we have pretty solid scores like this chip scores better than the exodus 990 flagship processor from samsung that we see inside the note20 ultra and the s20 ultra now in comparison to the 4g version of the galaxy a52 we're looking at a whopping 30 to 40 percent gains in cpu and gpu improvements and in comparison to the 5g version of galaxy a82 the one that comes with the sniper against 750g we still have a significantly faster and efficient chip thanks to the brand new six nanometer process more cores higher clock speed new gpu higher refresh rate display support better ddr5 ram as well thanks to this processor the galaxy a32s can be a dream phone for a lot of people with the new chip you also get a brand new camera isp which means we'll see better quality images and videos now currently there is no expected date for the launch of this phone but it is expected that sometime later this year samsung will launch this phone first in the european market now this is not the only galaxy phone that is back and better according to rawling on twitter galaxy s21 fe production is back on track this is a great news because not long ago people were expecting this phone to be cancelled so it's actually coming and we're gonna see it possibly in the mid or late september now the news don't stop there we have a bombshell league coming via ice universe apparently the next flagship tab series will now get announced alongside the galaxy s22 lineup it's also not gonna utilize the samsung's exynos amd chip instead it will use the four nanometer snapdragon 895 cpu along with that we have one ui 4.0 and a massive battery so yeah it seems like for now samsung is completely exclusively bringing its exynos amd gpu chip to the galaxy s22 lineup now last but not the least roland is back with more leaks we actually have a complete set of press render for the upcoming galaxy z flip 3. from these renders we can see how much improvement we have when it comes to the bezels on the z53 compared to last year's model and you can see there's definitely a noticeable improvement although i can't say the same for the punch hole size also samsung has introduced a brand new speaker design for the flip 3 and from the looks of it it seems like it's going to bring some real audio gains so yeah that's all the latest news one of samsung's best 2021 phones are getting a massive boost in performance galaxy a42s is coming s21fe is back in the game let me know your thoughts in the comment section below if you guys are new here be sure to subscribe give this video a thumbs up and i'll see you guys later peace out

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