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Sunday, August 1, 2021

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra review almost 200 days later. 6 Months with Samsung's best phone

it's time to bring it on what's up guys we're back with the latest news Samsung is about to bring a much needed massive upgrade on the upcoming galaxy s32 lineup we'll also be taking a look at the galaxy fall 3's under display camera status a major samsung phone that won't get announced at the unpacked 2021 event we'll talk about everything let's get right into it so first up a much needed feature upgrade is finally coming to samsung flagship phones if there is one thing that is not that ultra about samsung's ultra flagship is definitely their charging speeds the galaxy s21 ultra only sports up to 25 water fast charging which is a lot lower compared to competition now samsung is set to finally change that with the galaxy s22 lineup by bringing 65 water fast charging speed just today samsung filed a brand new turret mark certification for 65 watt fast charging for the upcoming galaxy s22 series 65 watt is definitely a massive massive jump compared to samsung's previous charging standard now for those who are concerned about the battery health because of the fast charging speed samsung actually allows you to turn off the fast charging space if you don't need it in this way it's a win-win for both situations also in the news we have the latest camera details for the whole galaxy s22 lineup this info is coming via tron he has a very decent track record and he's very confident about the galaxy s22 and s22 plus camera specs 50 megapixel main camera plus 12 megapixel zoom and 12 megapixel ultrawide angle lens i'm very curious about this new 50 mega sensor it's probably not going to be either cell gn1 or gn2 so i'm excited to see what this is now as for the s22 ultra he's not fully sure about the camera specs but one thing that he's certain about is that samsung won't be using a 200 megapixel sensor on the s22 ultra it's going to be an improved 108 megapixel sensor possibly combined with a continuous zoom setup sensor shift stabilization and for the first time samsung is collaborating with an actual camera brand olympus for their s22 ultra camera so it can actually bring pretty good things to the table also in the news unpack 2021 is happening on august 11th and we all thought that samsung will be announcing its galaxy s21 fe at that same event but turns out galaxy s21 fe announcement is delayed which means it's not gonna get announced at that unpacked foldable event according to let's go digital they've seen the official document from samsung stating that s21 fe is not on the menu for the unpacked 2021 event now galaxy s21 fe will still come out this year it's not cancelled or anything my guess is that we're probably going to see this device in late september now as we know for the first time in history samsung is bringing under panel camera with the galaxy z43 and a lot of people are concerned about the quality of the selfies that we're going to get including myself and now we have more details on that subject according to ice universe samsung will be using ai and software processing to manage that loss of quality when taking selfies from that under panel camera he says that under display camera wise the quality will be among the best but obviously it's not going to be perfect like the traditional selfie camera now because galaxy's evol 3 has another selfie camera on the outer screen and you can use the back camera for selfies samsung can take this risk but obviously they can't do the same thing with the galaxy s22 ultra so for that the under display camera has to be a lot better or else samsung will just stick to the traditional bunch hole selfie camera so there we go that's all the latest news finally a massive boost in fast charging speeds plus big camera gains incoming particularly for the base s22 and the s22 plus model the affordable ones are about to get really really good let me know what you think in the comment section below if you guys are new here be sure to subscribe and i'll see you guys later peace out

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