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Sunday, August 1, 2021

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra AMD Exynos will be optimized thanks to One UI 4, New Changes & Features

what's up guys we're back with the latest news quite a lot to talk about today including Samsung's current official mention of the galaxy note series which brand has the best under display camera right now when it comes to quality plus more stuff but before we get into that let's talk about the galaxy s22 software that is one ui 4.0 the one ui 4.0 based on android 12 officially got confirmed yesterday and it's the software which will come right out of the box on the upcoming galaxy s22 lineup in 2022 as we know the galaxy s22 lineup is pretty much the first mobile phones on the planet to have radeon gpu on board with ray tracing rdna 2 architecture and all those console level features to push everything to its limit and to make sure that nothing ruins this monumental moment samsung will do some specific system level improvements on the upcoming one ui 4.0 in addition to amd gpu the performance for snapdragon triple eight and exodus 2100 will be improved as well we'll probably going to see the biggest visual change since the original one ui ice universe actually talked about some of the features we've got new design new icons new animation colors application redesign privacy module all that stuff coming with one ui 4.0 i'm excited for this update and as for the release date it's going to come out only a few weeks before the s22 lineup launch which will take place in early january of next year also in the news samsung has officially mentioned something about the note series recently the president of samsung mobile communication himself tm row he gave an exclusive interview where he discussed the next era of smartphones plus samsung's future strategy and plans for 2021. he says that this year instead of unveiling a new galaxy note phone we will further broaden beloved note features to more samsung galaxy devices aka you know the s-pen and s-pen pro for the s ultra flagship and z-fold 3 and in the future it's also going to come to the galaxy z flip so pretty much right now the galaxy fall 3 in samsung's eyes is notes replacement for this year the node's comeback will depend on how much success samsung will see with this galaxy z43 now dj ko already said something regarding the note series couple of months ago that the flagship product will come back but the timing could be a bit different so to me this whole year for samsung is a major experiment and i think nothing is final also the way people are still showing love for the node series even with samsung offering s pen with all their other devices it definitely means that the node deserves a comeback and samsung kinda underestimated the value of this series now the interview mentioned that samsung has once again collaborated and partnered with various brands to optimize the fall experience when it comes to the third party apps are concerned i'm really excited to see some software improvements and i hope by some miracle they optimize snapchat and instagram now last but not the least ice anywhere is posted on vivo regarding which company has the best under display camera solution right now as far as which brand has the most transparent under display camera xiaomi is the best and samsung is the last one but when it comes to the quality of photos in order of best selfie result it's samsung xiaomi and then zte if you ask me which one i prefer i'm definitely on the second group because to me the quality of photo is much more important than the camera being fully transparent i can't wait to see what the actual result will be again we'll find everything out in a couple of days august 11th is just right around the corner so that's all the latest news samsung is indeed doing their best to optimize the one you have 4.0 specifically for the galaxy s22 lineup to take advantage of that beast amd gpu let me know your thoughts in the comment section below if you guys are new here be sure to subscribe like this video and follow me on instagram as always i'll see you guys later peace out

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