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Sunday, August 1, 2021

Samsung Galaxy Z fold & Z Flip 3 Official IPX8 Water resisitant

this has never been done before what's up guys so Samsung is out here making history bringing some world's first exclusive features to its galaxy z smartphone lineup yes that's right galaxy's evol 3 and z flip 3 have got more tricks up their sleeves than we first imagined the absolute most important thing about a foldable phone is durability and Samsung has just achieved a level that no one has touched before according to Evan blast on twitter we can officially see that Samsung is indeed bringing ipx rating on both galaxy z5 and z43 by the look of how water is splashing on the devices you can tell that Samsung is pretty confident now ipx8 rating is a huge deal for foldable phones this means that they can be submerged deeper than one meter depth as for the exact depth amount it's going to be specified by Samsung when they launch these devices now additionally f-leaks also leaked the full camera specs and display specs of both z flip 3 and the fold 3 so we're getting a 6.7 inch display on the z flip 3 with a 1.9 inch cover display for the galaxy fault 3 we have a 7.6 inch internal display with a 6.2 inch outer display it's rocking three 12 megapixel cameras on the back 10 megapixel selfie camera sensor on the outer screen and a brand new 4 megapixel under display camera which according to ice universe is the best under display camera right now paired with Samsung's processing it will get the job done but it won't be as good as the outer selfie camera now the best thing about using the udc is that you'll get a full on uninterrupted full-fledged bright 120 years old panel for all that media consumption and gaming and as we have already known for months already the s-pen support is here not only the traditional s-pen but also the s-pen pro now as for the storing of the s-pen we have some renders of the case itself  say the design looks very well built the s-pen goes towards the back and it doesn't seem bulky at all in my opinion much better than the galaxy s21 ultras case obviously the best implementation is when you put the s-pen built in still this doesn't look bad so there we go the world's exclusive stuff is indeed officially happening display camera s-pen ipx8 rating it's all happening for the first time on a foldable phone Samsung is definitely pushing all the boundaries now things don't stop there corning has officially confirmed that Samsung will be the first oem to use their brand new gorilla glass dx lenses for the camera of its upcoming phones we're not fully sure whether Samsung will be utilizing this on the galaxy z flip 3 or z-fold 3 but there's a very strong possibility thanks to these lenses the camera will get more light a better flare control and just overall better camera performance especially in low-light situations now still the best camera on the Samsung phone will be on the s21 ultra in my opinion the z4 absolutely deserves this camera especially with no galaxy note 21 series Samsung should have gone all the way but yeah the current cameras are obviously not bad they're just not the very best i hope they utilize the new lenses and i would love to see what improvements we get in real life scenarios now last but not the least Samsung's big software update is finally coming we're actually going to see it coming out officially at the end of august 2021 welcome one ui 3.1.1 very likely this brand new version will come out of the box on both z flip 3 and z full 3. so that's all the latest news let me know your thoughts in the comment section below how excited are you for the upcoming galaxy z lineup again all will be official on august 11 super excited if you're new here be sure to subscribe and i'll see you guys later peace out

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