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Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Google Domains : How to Buy Domain ? Top Best web Hosting for you

so in the last couple of months i've done some research on some hosting companies to find out if there are cheaper options than the ones that everybody knows already so as you guys know i host all of my websites on site ground and i'm very happy with them but they are a little bit more expensive if you are a beginner and you just want to start with something simple and cheap so that's when i found host Inger and yes i've read a lot of reviews now about them most of the people were very positive with them they have very good uptimes they have good support they have a lot of options so let's just get started so what we're gonna do in this video is we're gonna buy hosting and domain together then we will install WordPress on that domain so you can get started with WordPress and as a bonus i will also show you how to install your own professional domain email address okay so the link of this page is living on links i will put that down in the description because this is the information that you need and then the first thing that you can do is click on this link because that will lead you to the WordPress page because they offer hosting specifically for WordPress and as you guys know i do everything with WordPress and telementor so if you're new to the channel welcome so if you scroll down on this page you can see their packages and you can see that they offer their WordPress starter kit for 2 15 a month that is super cheap especially considering that that is for 100 websites so you can host different websites for this price i don't even understand how they make a profit of this but they do it anyway so what you also get is email accounts so like i said you can create your own professional email address which has your domain in it let's just see all the features of this package.

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