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Saturday, September 4, 2021

ZTE Axon 30 5G unboxing & quick review. World's best under display camera? FULL tour & camera test!

what's up guys so today we're checking out the zte exon 35g it's their end of the year flagship with some amazing specs plus it's the first smartphone to come out with the under skin camera that is second gen let's go ahead and open this box up remove this plastic first judging from the size of the box compared to a non-charger iPhone box i feel like this one will have a free charger inside let's get this out here we go we have the phone on top wow that is actually a very very lightweight device let's go ahead and check out what accessories we have first up is this mini box that obviously contains some paperwork and a protective case so this one is nice and plasticky next up which i believe is the fast charger and this one i think it's 65 watts now this is a bit of a surprise we actually have an earphone out of the packaging something that we don't see even with the phones that come out with the free charger so big up zte let's take a look at the phone we have this nice plastic and wow this is a shiny looking phone compared to the previous model we definitely have a different material going on this one is more of a glossy finish uh this one had a matte finish plus you can see we have a much different camera setup which actually looks pretty cool

once again it's a 64 megapixel main camera and then we have the usual ultrawide zoom and the depth sensor so i'm just going to quickly turn on this phone for the first time because the big thing is of course that under display camera the second gen apparently the under display camera can reach 400 pixels per inch which is like the highest we have currently so as you can see it's a full on uninterrupted bezel-less display like a true bezel-less display all right so i'm done with the setup and let's just set the brightness to an optimal level let's open a plain white application and wow i actually cannot see the under display camera i've used the z-fold three that was quite visible so this one is indeed very very hidden i don't know if you can see it but it's actually a slide pixel pattern that i can definitely see if i really look hard at it let me increase the brightness

even more and you can see there's definitely something there but when i'm actually using the phone i absolutely cannot see any pattern whatsoever and guys look at this YouTube experience absolutely uninterrupted oh by the way this is a 6.9 screen with 120hz panel and 360hz touch sampling rate so it's really going to just fly through everything and it honestly feels super smooth here's a quick comparison of the phone's notch with this phone and i gotta say iPhone is so so outdated and i'm not even mentioning the fact that this is actually a 60hz refresh rate so yeah i mean apple really needs to step up the game now under display camera is great but what about the actual image quality because that is a big big concern okay so i'm shooting a 1080p video using the new zte exo 35g 2nd gen under display camera and you can see that it's definitely soft um it's actually at 1080p resolution 

so it doesn't support 4k uh especially notice the lights in the background they're definitely glowing this is how it looks on the phone's traditional front camera look at the lights in the background and my skin and everything um so yeah still there's a quite the journey to cover i still like that companies are pushing forward and even though we're not still there when it comes to the front camera quality uh this is definitely a big big step overall i have to say it's not that bad it's not that honestly i expected it to be a bit lower in terms of quality but it's actually doing a fairly okay job but let me know what you think about this in the comment section below now this is a 16 megapixel selfie sensor and i actually took some photos and i got to say the selfie performance is definitely better than the video because it's doing a lot of stuff in the post if you look at the lights in the background

they were super glowy in the video mode but but in selfie mode thanks to the software processing they're a lot more in focus now on the back we have a 64 megapixel sony lens which can give you a very decent quality photos no issue whatsoever it's a good sensor the camera ui is also packed with features and features we've got a dedicated 64 megapixel mode a macro mode you can also take a full on manual control the camera if you want to control everything the iso white balance and all that good stuff now under the hood we actually don't have a snapdragon a chip this time around it's actually rocking a QUALCOMM snapdragon 870 processor this is the first time 

i'm checking out a phone with this chip and it's going to be plenty enough the performance is closed or actually slightly better than last year's snapdragon 865 combined with the latest 5g model it's running the latest zte my os based on android 11 we also have a million port battery that should be plenty enough for a day of use we also have a super fast under display fingerprint scanner so two things under 

the display the fingerprint scanner as well as the camera now as far as the pricing is concerned this phone is actually quite affordable for just 500 available on September 9th and for early birds or early adopters you can get even better deal on their website so yeah this is the zte excel 35g with quite possibly the best under display camera you can't see it you definitely get that uninterrupted next-gen full display experience let me know your thoughts in the comment section below with that being said i'll catch you guys later

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