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Saturday, October 9, 2021

GODADDY Domains : How to Buy Domain ? How can i Buy Cheap DOMAIN Best web Hosting for you


that GoDaddy is one of the most trusted service providers to buy domain and hosting that is why i trust it and first of all i would like to show you that in the last two days i bought two domains from GoDaddy with extension .xyz now many people are obsessed with domains like dot com or dot org but if you do some research or if you are into blogging for quite some time then you will surely know that there are many websites belonging to dot xyz .info .club and extensions like these but they are making a lot of revenue maybe hundreds and thousands of dollars per month so for me it doesn't really matter what is the extension of any domain as long as it gives me revenue so here you can see i am showing you two emails from GoDaddy now here you need to consider the pricing of these domains as you can see in both emails my subtotal is rs pkr188 that means that i bought each domain for only 188 Pakistani rupees now first of all i am going to show you that how many dollars or USD 188 Pakistani rupees make and as you can see 188 Pakistani rupees are equal to only 1.17 another thing i want to tell you here is that the price of each domain was only 159 rupees and the amount above that are the taxes and fees okay so now let's go to GoDaddy and buy a domain so you need to click here on sign in when you are at the homepage of after that since you are a new customer.

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